Inflector ® - The See-Through Radiant Barrier Insulators

1. Inflector ® Window Insulating Panels

2. Inflector ® Window Insulating Roller Blinds

3. Inflector ® Window Insulating Vertical Blinds

In'Flector ® Products Under Development/ Testing

1. Inflector ® SG-90

The latest development by the In'flector team - the In’flector SG-90 glass is the ultimate see through solar controller. By cutting down up to 90% of the sun’s heat entering the room, it makes it is easier to keep a balance of temperature across the working/living space giving a constant comfortable environment throughout. SG-90 glass also gives extremely high insulation values, keeping valuable heat in during the winter. The In’Flector glass incorporates a laminate material that was designed by NASA for space travel - now a new breakthrough in Window Insulation.. The in’flector insulator is the most effective system available to address the least energy efficient part of your building - The Window…. It has been proven that the windows are the weakest link in the insulation value of buildings. The reason is that glass loses valuable heat through conduction....

2. Inflector ® Blackout

In’Flector Blackout offers a total black out of light and heat from a room. In the winter months, it will give excellent insulation values, plus the ability to give added solar heat if required.

3. Inflector ® Breeze

The In’Flector ‘Breeze’ see-through window insulator has exactly the same properties as the In’Flector but has been designed to allow the material to breathe. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to allow ventilation from the window into the room. The In’Flector ‘Breeze’ enables ventilation to occur through the In’Flector material, without compromising the effectiveness of the radiant heat barrier.

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